Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Nadine LeBlanc

Remember that this is your day, so do what pleases you (and of course your mate), don’t worry about everyone else. If I was to get married again I would have a Medieval Wedding Ceremony. I would make everyone dress in Medieval clothing and would have the reception at a Castle or Medieval Banquet hall. I don’t think I would get married in a church I think I would prefer to be married out doors, in a forest glen, under the trees with birds and squirrels looking on.

I would want to write my own vows, the love of my life is an amazing poet, he would be able to write something that would be ours and no others. I would choose Celtic Music, or maybe even have live Minstrels playing. I would have fresh flowers in my hair and I’d probably wear a wig so that I could have amazing, long tresses. We would travel in a horse drawn carriage. We would create a mystical magical day that we would LOVE to remember.

So I guess my tips are:
It’s your day, please YOUR hearts sense of Romantic. Personalize, Personalize…. these are your memories, people attending this day are sharing in your joy and bliss. Choose your favorite music, your own vows, if you like lilacs and they are in season have lilacs at your wedding.
The best way to make your Wedding Ceremony extra special and romantic is to make it your own!