Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding


submitted by: Christine

private island weddingMy husband and I were married last August. Barefoot. Sunset. A large bouquet of fresh local hibiscus flowers. On a beach in the British Virgin Islands. The wedding was officiated by a local minister of our denomination. It was the most beautiful, romantic scene to which I’ve ever been a witness. And our wedding pictures are just breath-taking!

Arranging a wedding like this is actually much easier than the 200 loved ones in a hall somewhere. An internet search will narrow down most of the plans. You can work through a beach or yacht club for assistance. There are even wedding planners that we met down in Tortola! With proper original copies of identification and proof of marital status (if either has been previously married), the paperwork can be done in just three days! Well worth the short walk from the beach to the attorney general’s office!

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