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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Stephen A H Wright

My suggestion for romance and “specialness” in a wedding comes from my professional experience as a minister watching couples (and their families!) bicker toward their big moment. The advice I give to as many as possible: keep it low-key and debt free. Save your money, and forget most of the bridal magazine scenarios. 

The romance is between you and your fiancee/spouse. So, concentrate on each other. Maybe a late morning wedding (which is old-fashioned, and rather formal, after all–and unusual these days); followed by a luncheon reception (could even be garden salads and sandwiches outdoors in the summertime); and then–just the two of you off to start a honeymoon and a new life when you have some energy. What do 250 people at a pricey sit-down dinner add to the romance of your relationship? 

Save your money–and your eager energy–for yourselves. And–a morning wedding gives you most of your first married day together to savor the fact that you are already hitched!