Wedding Gifts for Your Spouse To Be

Wedding Gifts for Your Spouse To Be


submitted by: Dan Rock

hidden in plain sightI gave my bride a set of pearls in a most unusual fashion. Kym is a professional “gift shaker” and able to deduce the contents of a package with amazing accuracy so it is always a challenge to mask the contents of my gifts to her. In the past, I’ve added marbles and other items to make noise and change the weight and shape of a gift with some success. In this case, I wanted to hide my gift to her in “plain sight”.

I would be giving her the pearls at a mixed couples shower that was being given for us by our friends. The sponsors of the shower were loaning Kym a sterling silver holder for the wedding bouquet (something borrowed), her grandmother’s coin purse (something old), a blue thong (which she wore – WhooHa!), and I was to provide the pearls for the “something new” item.

I turned the gift “inside out” and put the wrapping for the gift inside rather than on the outside. Say what??? Here’s how. I purchased a beautiful, ceramic doll and added the pearls to the doll’s attire. I hid the excess portion of the necklace inside the doll’s dress. I had Kym’s friends placed the doll along with other decorations on the table with all of the shower presents.

After we got there, she was trying to figure out if any presents were from me and she commented what a pretty doll was on the table and wondered what little girl it belonged to. After all the presents were opened, I took center stage and gave my lovely bride the doll as the first surprise and then pulled the pearls off the doll to nail the event with a perfect 10. Now she has an heirloom doll to pass on and to remind her of that night and my present to her.