Gifts For Your Spouse (To Be)

Gifts For Your Spouse (To Be)


submitted by: Kelly Legge


do-not-open-old-photos-in-a-wood-box-romantic-wedding-present-time-capsuleMy fiance and I are getting married on September 1st of this year. A few months ago, I thought of a creative, unique, and lasting wedding gift that I am going to give to him.

I am going to create a “time capsule” — not to be opened until September 1st, 2021 (our 20th Anniversary).  In it, some of the things I plan to include are:  a collection of newspaper clippings (from this year), keepsakes from our wedding, a poem that I have written for him, a love letter, including my hopes and dreams for our future, some photos of the two of us (preferably ones he hasn’t seen), and a nice bottle of wine. I’m also investigating including a stock or bond that will mature in 20 years, so when the time capsule is opened, we’ll have the money to go someplace nice on our 20th anniversary.

I can hardly wait to present him with this gift on our wedding day.