Gifts For Your Spouse (To Be)

Gifts For Your Spouse (To Be)


submitted by: Michelle Henn


romantic-dolphins-surfing-in-water-honeymoon-gift-ideaMy son recently got married and gave his new spouse an unusual wedding gift.  The bride is a dolphin lover – she has dolphin hair things, dolphin ornaments, t-shirts with dolphins on it, etc.

The lucky newlyweds were going to be spending their honeymoon at the Sandals Resort in Nassau.  For his wedding gift to his new spouse, my son arranged (via the Internet) for his new bride to spend an afternoon swimming with dolphins at a dolphin sanctuary nearby.  The pictures are proof that she had a delightful time and it was the highlight of the honeymoon for her.  Her smile lights up the photos.  Ten people are in the water at the time and they could touch and interact with the dolphins.  There were instructed in hand signals to get the dolphins to do tricks and she even experienced “dolphin surfing” where the surf board is replaced by a dolphin!

I thought this was a very unusual but thoughtful gift that was thoroughly enjoyed!