Gifts For Your Spouse (To Be)

Gifts For Your Spouse (To Be)


submitted by: Jeff


romantic-vinyl-record-label-cover-wedding-gift-ideasMy bride to be’s name is Amy. Since she was very young her parents have had some sheet music from an old Broadway play framed and hanging in their living room. It is very old sheet music from the 30’s. The title of the song is written across the top of the page “Once in love with Amy” Just below that is a drawing of a man leaping over the words “Where’s Charlie?” which is the name of the play that the song is from.

I’ve hired an artist (Only cost me $100) to make me a copy of the sheet music with a few strategic changes. Now the man on the cover looks a lot like me, he’s carrying a woman that looks a lot like Amy in a wedding gown, and the words he is leaping over are now “Jeff & Amy” and the date of our wedding, July 21, 2001. It turned out great! It looks exactly like the original except for the changes.

I also had a friend who is a musician make me a tape with the music to “Once in love with Amy” without lyrics. I plan to sing her the song during our reception and then give her the framed picture to hang in her new home, ours.