Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts


submitted by: Amy


snorkeling coupleMy husband and I recently married (May 19th).  As my wedding gift to him, I purchased hiking gear (we’re both avid hikers) and a religious book.  But his gifts to me were unusual and romantic!

1 – He got me a pair of Goretex hiking pants that are designed especially for women – there’s a zipper in the crotch to make it easier to “use the facilities”.  (Men have SUCH an advantage in that respect! 🙂  They matched the fleece base layer pair he’d given me for Christmas, so now when hiking I’m warm AND dry, no matter the weather.

2 – The other gift he gave me was one I could use on the honeymoon.  We went to Oahu, and I’d never been snorkeling before, so he bought me a snorkel mask with prescription lenses in it!  How thoughtful and caring – I could really see what was under the water, not just shapes swimming by!  🙂  And it was a good thing too, because we even got to see a wild sea turtle!