Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas


submitted by: Candi Lindsay


journal for your spouse to be gift ideasI just got married on June 2nd.  Here are the gifts that I gave my husband.

He loves the New Orleans Saints so I gave him a replica helmet to go along with the LSU helmet that he received for his birthday.

We are Christians and I wanted to have the verse Song of Solomon 6:3 inscribed in our rings. However there wasn’t enough room.  So I found a Jewish painting online that had the verse in English and Hebrew.

I created a cd of our favorite songs…songs that we’ve danced to or liked the words to, etc.

In 1995, I participated in the campaign of True Love Waits. Since 1995 I had been wearing a gold band to represent my devotion to keep my virginity until I was married. I gave him this ring and the certificate from the True Love Waits campaign signed by myself and my parents.

The last thing that I gave him was a journal that I started writing in 1995 to my future husband… whoever it was going to be….it had what I was feelings and what was going on at certain times in my life.

The gift that he gave me was also personalized.  Because we couldn’t get the verse inscribed on our rings.  He had a necklace charm inscribed with the verse on it as well as the monogram from our wedding program.