Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Barbara Kay


romantic deflated balloon romantic welcome home idezsPhilip is an airline pilot and is home only a couple of days out of every week.  At the end of his work week, he flies into our ‘local’ airport and drives the hour it takes to get home. He keeps a car parked at the airport. A couple of weeks ago, I made a trip to the big city to shop for the day. Philip was due to come home the following day. I wanted to give him some type of surprise that told him he was missed when he’s at work. I went to a party supple store and bought a helium balloon and tied it to his car door handle. I felt giddy as I left the lot, because I was sure he’d be a little embarrassed when he realized that the balloon he saw flying high from the terminal was on HIS car.

When he arrived home the next day, I found out that the balloon had went flat overnight and was laying on the ground when he walked up to the car. It took him some time to get the strings off from the car (I had extra strings added so it could be tied securely to the car.) He was happy that I had went through the trouble and we both laugh when we talk about it.


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