Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Kristy


the best welcome home ideas flight connectionMy boyfriend Bear, was on a mission trip in Honduras for about 2 weeks.  They had a layover in Mexico City so I flew to Mexico City and arranged to be on his flight home.  That day I got on the plane as fast as I could and sat way down in my seat so that Bear wouldn’t see me when he got on the plane.

After everyone got on the plane and we took off, his friend (who was sitting next to him and who I had called earlier to tell about my plan) got up saying he had to go to the bathroom. He switched places with me and I got a newspaper and went to sit next to Bear.

When I sat down he couldn’t see my face because of the newspaper.  When he turned to tell me I was sitting in the wrong seat I lowered the paper and gave him a rose.  The look on his face was priceless and he was speechless!! It worked out great! Two years later he still talks about how much that meant to him and how much it surprised him!