Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Jodie Parker


private island bedroomMy husband was away for nearly five months.  We spoke often during that time and during one conversation, he mentioned that if he could have his way, we would be stranded on a desert island together all alone. I set about to make his wish come true.

When he arrived home, I had left a bottle with a note inside as though it had washed ashore. The message inside was an SOS asking for help. He came into our bedroom and what he saw stopped him in his tracks.

There was exotic island music playing softly, glow in the dark stars adorned the ceiling, and cream colored blankets covered all the furniture and bed with sea shells and buckets of sand scattered around.

In the corner from floor to ceiling was a palm tree I had constructed complete with cardboard coconuts.  A fan blew a gentle “sea breeze” as blue streamers reached out from it.  Spread out on the bed were island drinks and fruit… and me.

We spent a beautiful night watching the stars and wished it would never end. He said he couldn’t have imagined a more perfect island and has refused to take down the stars or the palm tree so that we can escape there again whenever we need to.