Welcoming them home

Welcoming them home

EASY AS 1-2-3

submitted by: Joe Wheeler

popping balloonAdmittedly, I combined some of your ideas from your book,  The RoMANtic’s Guide and it turned out great…

1.    I had a banner made at my local florist…it was a large wide red satin ribbon with a large glitter inscription that read “I LOVE YOU!” and had a safety pin attached.  I hung it from the bottom of the garage door in such a fashion the it displayed perfectly when she used her remote Garage door opener.

2.    I purchased a bag of large red balloons and a large bag of rose petals and printed off my own specially penned poem in large bold single prose lines and cut them in single line order.  I stuffed a shot glass with at least 10 petals and a line from the poem. I then stretched a balloon around the top of the shot glass and shook the contents into each balloon, blew it up and strategically hung each on every door way and ceiling fan leading to our bedroom.

At the bedroom I turned the covers back, spread the remainder of the rose petals across the bed, lit candles and prepared chilled champagne and chocolates.

3.    Upon her arrival, with instructions attached with the safety pin she began the fantasy adventure… as she popped each balloon along the way, she was showered with rose petals and a single line of the poem. This led her to the bedroom and a great evening of welcoming home!