Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Jacquie


romantic-welcome-home-ideas-girl-crying-lonely-by-herself-poem-ideaMy boyfriend was originally from Romania but his family now lives here in Canada. His family was going back for a one month visit to Romania, and I knew that not seeing him for a whole month was going to be hard.   

So starting from the day he left I started compiling poems and short stories that reminded me of him, along with little mementos I could find that meant a lot to us. Every day I wrote a page or two on blank paper about what my son and I had been doing, how much we missed him, and couldn’t wait to see him again. Needless to say as the month went on the letters became progressively harder for me to write, because I would always end up crying. A few days before his arrival back I created a scrapbook out of colored construction paper, colored glue, sparkly pens etc. I added into it all the letters I had written and the mementos and poems and stories.

We he got back during our romantic candle lit evening together (finally) I gave him this (what seemed something so small to me after missing him for a month) book I had created. He cried for hours as he flipped through it, saying how he almost felt like he had been in two places at once, and that I made him feel like he was here with me all along.