Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Jessica Hastings


romantic-paper-chain-love-quote-out-of-country-welcome-home-ideasI had been working in Japan for this past year while my fiance was studying and working here in the states. We were really good at keeping in touch with emails and phone calls every other day, but about 2 months before I came home, I decided to make him a count down chain. I made a paper chain with 60 links and wrote a special romantic, funny, or provocative message on each link.

I sent it to him with instructions to hang it up somewhere and tear off one link each day, so that he would read the last link on the day he would get me from the airport.

I thought it was a great way to really secure everything we had learned about each other in the 12 months I had been gone, because you know things can sometimes get hectic in that “you’re almost home” period (i.e. emails become less frequent/less romantic and more practical, “when’s your flight again?”).

This way, no matter how hectic and stressed I was getting with packing and moving, and he with making plans for our immediate future together, he could at least wake up each morning, tear off that day’s link, and know that it’d all be worth it.