Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Jennifer L. Krebbs


romantic-roses-and-candles-romantic-welcome-home-ideasMy husband and I both work the night shift, but I decided to surprise him and went home early.

When I got home I made sure the house was clean (dishes done, etc.). I also put clean sheets on our bed. I then took a long shower using his favorite scent of shower gel (Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace). I also made sure that I shaved my legs well and then used the same scent of body lotion.

Then with the same scent of body spray I lightly spritzed the sheets on our bed and finished making it. After that was taken care of I took some fresh red, white and pink rose petals and made a trail leading from the front door to our bedroom. I then lit some candles (again from the front door to our bedroom and several in the bedroom) and put on some romantic music.

Since I felt it was near time for his return home, I put on a sexy white negligee and laid down in the center of the bed (making sure to put the rose petals around me). Unfortunately, he had to work later then expected and I not wanting to disturb anything fell asleep.

I awoke to a beautiful, smiling face after a gentle kiss. My¬†husband¬†was thrilled! He told me he knew he had a treat when he walked in the door and was rushing to our bedroom to find me. He said at first he didn’t see me and as he was going to the bathroom (it adjoins our bedroom), he caught a glimpse of white and almost ran into the door frame as he turned his head. He then told me I looked like a “sleeping beauty”.