Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Jennifer S.


man-led-home-by-romantic-woman-military-welcome-home-ideas-hotel-spaSince my husband is in the Air Force, long separations, unfortunately, are not uncommon for us. Though the separation is never fun, we do look forward to his coming home.

This past winter he spent 3 months in Southwest Asia, and I wanted to make sure his homecoming was something special. I reserved a hotel room for us (with a hot tub), the night he was to fly in.

I went there first, and decorated the room with candles, and silk rose petals. I even had a picnic dinner waiting, knowing he’d be hungry, but not wanting to be at a restaurant. With the help of my sister, who had stayed at the room to light the candles and stand guard, the room was very romantic looking.

After I picked him up from the airport we went straight to the hotel. Once we got in the elevator to go up to our room, I blindfolded him so he didn’t see my sister escape, he never knew she was there. He was awe struck when he walked in the room.

We always say, the best part about being separated, is when we come home.