Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Isabelle Neubauer


romantic-beautiful-bride-wife-welcome-home-airport-ideas-wedding-dress-flowersWe lived in Germany during this time and had never been separated for one single night for six years until we won ONE airline ticket from Germany to the USA in a raffle. I persisted that my husband take this chance and visit his parents. He was gone for about 6 weeks and the time without him was incredibly lonely and it was a very painful separation. Remembering our wedding, this is the Welcome Home plan I followed through with:

I lost about 8 pounds of weight I had gained, went to a tanning studio about 3 times to brighten up my complexion and got out my wedding dress (which actually was a floor length white lacey prom dress with a full skirt and satin corsage top that I had bought on sale for $75.00.) I found the accessories I had worn; apricot colored hair clip, apricot colored shawl, white high heel shoes, etc.

When the time came for my lover to come home I was full of anxiety but determined to follow through with my plan. I curled my long blonde hair the way he likes it, put on the dress and accessories, went into our garden and cut a large apricot colored rose, got into my car and headed for Frankfurt International Airport. I had to park in the parking garage basement and walk about one mile to where the arrivals from his flight show up. This must have been one of the scariest moments of my life (it seemed the whole world was staring at me) but many, many wonderful people encouraged me with their smiles.

Everything was worth the effort, because I will never forget his face when he walked out of the doors and into the foyer of the airport. He was speechless and so very flabbergasted that I would do this for him. And I was so very happy to have him home again. We had our picture taken by a security guard and have it as a reminder of this very special day.