Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Christy Hodder


romantic-hands-welcome-home-sketch-cut-out-ideaOnce to welcome my husband home late at night I traced my hand onto different pieces of colorful construction paper.  I cut out about 100 of these hands and taped a piece of string to the wrist side of each one.  (It really didn’t take that long.)

I hung them from the ceiling with tape in a dangling path from the back door way to the bed room.  Each hand had a letter and once hung up… they made a long sentence message saying something like…….”I LOVE YOU AND I HAVE LONGED FOR YOU ALL WEEK LONG.  I AM WAITING FOR YOU AND COUNTING EACH SECOND UNTIL YOU WAKE ME UP WITH GENTLE TOUCHES FROM YOUR HANDS THAT I AM ACHING FOR.”

He thought that it was the coolest thing ever and was glad that in the dark THAT NIGHT he thought to LOOK UP!