Welcome Home

Welcome Home


submitted by: Jan Chester


romantic blue teddy bear welcome home ideaRecently my special one was returning from a trip.  I started with a sign on the first doorway saying WELCOME HOME.  You could walk under it through the door way and I used the white paper on the roll (very inexpensive) which allowed me to cut any length I wanted.  I had balloons on each side.

The next doorway had a sign that read “HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT TRIP!” The next doorway had a sign saying “I MISSED YOU SO MUCH”.  The last doorway had a sign that said “I WAS BLUE WITHOUT YOU!”  This was the door to the bedroom.

Inside was everything I could think of that was blue.  A blue teddy bear, (he drinks Blue Sapphire GIN) a bottle of gin, blue glasses, a blue basket with treats to eat(nuts, pretzels, etc.) and a big paper sign that went across the bed that said SHMILY.

I read this in a book and never forgot it.  A old couple always left notes for each other in various places saying SHMILY.  This stands for SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!