In The Winter

In The Winter


submitted by: Karl Scifres


romantic-love-in-the-snow-idea-signs-olympicsMy winter romance idea occurred one year during the Winter Olympics. Kathy really gets into watching them, so we had spent almost every night watching TV.  Anyway, I decided that I wanted to do a ‘sort-of’ spontaneous expression of my love for her and decided to connect it to the Olympics.

I work at a vocational school, so I got the carpentry teacher to make me some stakes that could be hammered into the ground and I made some “burma-shave” type signs.  The signs read, “Kathy,”  “In the Olympics” “of Love”  “You win”  “the Gold!”  “I’m yours”  “forever!”  “With all” “my love,” “Karl”

So the next morning I got up about 30 minutes earlier than usual.  I was very careful to not disturb her from her sleep.  About two blocks from our house, there was a vacant lot that was about a block long.  I spread out the signs from one end of the block to the other.  Since this was the route she took to work, she saw them as she drove to work about two hours later.  Some of her friends even saw the signs and commented to her about them.  Needless to say, I got a phone call when she got to work — it made her day!