In The Winter

In The Winter


submitted by: Joseph A. Young


This past January my girlfriend (now soon to be fiance!) and I had been planning to take a road trip in order to go visit with her grandparents for a few days in a  semi-rustic cabin that they had built onto a portion of their 30 or so acres of beautiful Arkansas countryside. When I woke up I beheld what could truly be deemed a “Winter Wonderland.”

White covered the ground and the leafless trees as the sun shone with a morning glisten that made every flake of snow sparkle like a priceless diamond.  With a boyish excitement I put layer upon layer of my own winter coat, jacket, sweatshirt, pant, and thermal underwear on so that I could join my love who was by that time outside romping in the beautiful scene– which, I might add, only served to enhance what I before thought to be an indescribable sight.

When I finally finished dressing, I ran outside with all the vigor of a careless puppy and joined my love in a playful romp through our own personal paradise.  Just when I thought that things COULD NOT be better, I happened to see a small orange flag sticking up out of the snow not more than 10 yards away.  This puzzled me because I had vaguely remembered seeing a box containing several of the same flags sitting on the porch of the cabin the night before.

I looked at my girlfriend, who had on her face a look of both mischief and playfulness, such that I have longed to see her make ever since.  Trying as hard as possible to act as if she didn’t know anything about it, she asked “What is that doing there?”.

Upon closer examination, I noticed something small and shiny at the base of the flag. I soon discovered it to be one of those little Nestle chocolate bars, which happens to be my very favorite candy.

Michelle giggled as I picked up the chocolate bar and immediately I figured out her game.  While I had been asleep she had awakened and strategically planted SEVERAL of the flags in the snow in various places around the cabin, with a chocolate at the base of each. I searched high and low for the treasures, stopping only for an occasional warm embrace and some eskimo kisses (which are quite the experience if you both have frozen noses). Michelle was grinning ear to ear each time I discovered another flag, and I couldn’t help thinking that I had been lucky enough to find the best girlfriend in the whole world!

Once every flag was found and we had each made our snow angels and attempted (though not very successfully) to build a snowman, we went back inside to thaw out by the fireplace as we enjoyed the spoils of my hunt… as well as some more cozy cuddling and hot cocoa.  It was the most memorable day of my life.