In The Winter

In The Winter


submitted by: Lori


romantic-christmas-snow-ideasThe best winter romance I had was actually in the spring.

Winter is my favorite season, because I love the snow.  But this particular year we hadn’t gotten much just a light dusting.  I had in passing mentioned to my husband that I really missed seeing the snow that year.

After I got home from work, I walked into a freezing cold house.  As soon as I came in the door my husband handed me my coat, gloves, and hat, and instructed me to put them on and close my eyes.  He took me into our den and told me to open my eyes. When I did I saw a beautiful winter wonderland.  He had purchased the fake snow from one of the Christmas shops about an hour from our house, and had my brother paint a mural of a winter landscape. He had even put the Christmas tree up so that I could have the snow on Christmas effect.  We made paper wads and had a snow ball fight and I made homemade potato soup and fresh chocolate chip cookies and we enjoyed the winter together.

This is something I will never forget because I know that he had to really be listening to me to pick up on the fact that this would make me so happy.  Thank you Boo!!