In The Winter

In The Winter


submitted by: Jana R.


warm winter romance sculpture ideasA few years ago, when my husband was working in the catering business, he found a special way to give me a winter surprise.  Following a fancy wedding reception that included a huge ice sculpture of a heart with two doves sitting on top, he took the barely-melted sculpture home (I’ve never asked him _how_ he lugged that thing out to the car and up the hill to our apartment, but ‘when there’s a will, there’s a way’).

Anyways, when I opened up the curtains in our living room the next morning I found the beautiful ice statue sitting outside the window!  At the time we lived in an apartment complex where everyone’s living room faced an inner courtyard.  All of my neighbors saw the sculpture, too, and I received a great deal of attention from it.  Though it melted within a few days, I will never forget my delight at drawing the curtains to such a special surprise!


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