While Working Out

While Working Out


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couple walking togetherI was told by my doctor that I need to start walking more to strengthen my lungs to build up resistance to asthma. I tried doing this and found it boring, despite listening to music, so at the advice of a friend (who can’t join me for walks due to far distance between us), I asked my boyfriend to go with me for encouragement.

Since we have started walking (30 minutes everyday, barring inclement weather), I have noticed that the walking forces us to talk about all kinds of things and I think that the communication is definitely helpful.

By limiting our walks to 30 minutes, we also set a time frame for any topic we happen to be talking about. One person talks about their opinion for the first 15 minutes, and the other person for the remaining 15 minutes. There are disagreements, but because we walk on public walking trails, neither one of us yells or raises our voices because we don’t want the neighborhood knowing our business. It is not quite the same when we argue in the confines of our homes.