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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kerri Sofield

gym bagMy husband and I have a 4 year-old.  So, we don’t always get time alone together.  But…we recently joined our local YMCA with a family membership.  They have a wonderful kids facility that keeps our daughter for up to two hours a day.  It’s has drastically improved our relationship.  We look forward to going to the Y and hanging out together.  It’s gotten us to lead a healthier life and feel better about ourselves.

Each night, we repack out gym bag for the next day.  We always find a way to slip something “fun” into each others bag so we can find it at the gym.  For example, maybe some chocolate, a love note, etc.  We find that all the flirting, love notes, etc make us really look forward to spending the evening home.  By the time we get our daughter home (around 8:30), she is tuckered out.  So, we can get her to bed and spend quality time together.

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