Worst Romantic Gifts

Worst Romantic Gifts


submitted by: Julia Wylie


women holding snake pet gift ideas worst romantic gifts everBack in High School, my then boyfriend was the best at doing romantic things for me.  He wrote me letters, sent cute little e-cards and just the little stuff that we women LOVE.

I was surprised one day by having him call me and tell me he wanted to share something with me.  He had bought “us” a pet.  I was thinking, awww it is going to be a cute little puppy – because he knows I like them best.  BOY was I shocked when I went to his house and he covered my eyes and took me up to his bedroom and sat me down on the bed, telling me to keep my eyes shut.

He went to get the pet and obviously forgetting I had a fear of them set the snake into my hands and said “Surprise!” as I screamed – threw it onto the ground and ran downstairs.  He called after me, “But I named it after you!”