Worst Romantic Gifts Part II

Worst Romantic Gifts Part II


submitted by: Wendy Chinn

pyrex bowlsI met this incredibly nice man. Our first holiday together was in a city where neither of us had any family. I was looking forward to spending the holiday season together.

I spent a lot of time looking for a thoughtful gift. I was curious what he would pick out for me. His wrapped gift to me was large and very heavy.

Imagine my surprise when I opened up an 8 cup Pyrex measuring bowl, and 4 gallons of windshield wiper fluid. He noticed that I liked to cook, and thought I needed a larger measuring bowl, and he also noticed that I liked to keep the windshield on my car very clean.

It wasn’t entirely bad, and we did end up getting married. In the almost 15 years we have been married, I have NEVER looked to my husband to orchestrate a romantic moment. It doesn’t mean we haven’t had any!