Worst Romantic Gifts

Worst Romantic Gifts


submitted by: Joanne Burger

Car tiresMy boyfriend at the time and I had been dating   about 10 months, when my birthday came along.  We had been discussing engagement, and even looked at rings together.

About 3 days before my birthday he told me that he had bought me something round for my birthday and it was in my car…. of course I ran out to my car. I searched the glove compartment, and the trunk, everywhere possible.  To no avail could I find something that resembled a gift.  The next day at work he called and ending up revealing that what he had bought me were 4 new tires. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY !

While I am sure that might have been a wonderfully practical gift that HE would have loved. I did not feel the same.  Especially since it was the first birthday, we were together.At the time I worked at a Tool & Die shop, and all the tool makers found out that this is what my beloved had done. So, on my birthday when I arrived at work, there was a big tractor tire with a sign painted inside of it HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  They also had a local bakery make a round cake to resemble a GOODYEAR TIRE…. and it read: Happy Birthday ~ Have A GOOD YEAR …. ahh but people I worked with were not done yet…The area in which we worked was located in a rural small town. Therefore no one locked their cars .. When I left to go home that day. Every one had put old tires inside my car.  My not so romantic gift was a laugh for everyone but me, for quite some time.