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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Cristen Hammel

When my (now) husband and I started dating we made a trip to the mall (about an hour away).  I really did not know him any more than friends so I thought this would be a good time to get to know his likes and dislikes, the stores he shops in etc.

We walked into Spencer’s gifts and I just about died (I personally did not like the store and was appalled that he was so excited to be standing in it).

We walked around and he pointed things out to me.  Not wanting to hurt his feelings (or ego) I said things like ” That’s neat” and “that’s nice” trying not to scream and walk out in total disgust!  A few months later we sat around my family’s Christmas tree and exchanged gifts.

Boy were we surprised when I unwrapped the hot pink lava lamp and a few other un-favorable Spencer-like gifts!  He asked me how I liked the gifts and I felt I should be honest with him.  “What made you think I liked any of those things?” I asked.  He replied “Well when we were in the mall that one time I wanted to see what you liked so I showed you a few things and well every time I showed you something you acted interested and said it was nice” he replied.

Do we have a communication problem to work out!  And we did!  However, now around the holidays and other gift giving days the old lava lamp comes out as a reminder of gift giving days from the past!  We laugh now but it took us ten years to do so!