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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Helena Santos-Collins

When my husband and I began dating and then became engaged, we knew that I would have to move to a new city to join him following the wedding, and I mentioned that I would need a good, detailed map of the city.

When my first birthday in our new relationship came around, I was very excited to see what wonderful gift my beloved had brought me when he came to visit.  As soon as he arrived and I met him at the car, he asked me if I wanted my present then or wanted to wait until later.  I excitedly said that I wanted it then.

That was when he reached into his car and handed me a bag.  When I looked in the bag, not even wrapped and with the receipt and all, was a map.  While it was thoughtful, I was quite disappointed at the lack of romance and presentation.

I am happy to say that I married him despite that, and he has done much better in the gift department since then.