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For our one year dating anniversary I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend.  So I drove to a store 1 hour away called build a bear, and I built him a bear.  It was super cute and mushy, I dressed it in a Michigan t-shirt (our school) and I put a little backpack on it.

Inside the backpack, I put a cut out card that said “i love you”.  I also got him a DVD of his favorite band, Phish.

On our anniversary I pick him up and we go to a park because I made him a picnic.  At the picnic  we exchanged gifts.  I gave him mine, and he really
liked it and was impressed.  Then he gave me his… a loofa and an ice scraper for my car for the winter.

He told me that I had mentioned that I needed those things in recent past conversations…so that’s what he got me.