Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping Gifts


submitted by: Jim Pack


box of chocolate gift wrapping ideasA few years ago I wanted to give my sweetie a fur coat for Christmas. I looked all over for just the right one but couldn’t decide which one to buy so I decided I would just let her decide for herself.

On Christmas morning I gave her a box of chocolates. She removed the wrapping paper to discover that it was just a $15.00 box of candy. The box was placed aside with all of the other presents. Later in the afternoon I asked her if she was going to share her chocolates. She opened the box only to find that most of the candy had been replaced with bills that had been folded into very small pieces and placed in the paper holders where the candy had been. There were five, twenty, and fifty dollar bills in the box. She had a ball opening the bills and counting the money. She then asked what all the money was for and I told her to remove the second layer of now mostly empty candy holders. When she did, she found pictures of fur coats of all kinds and designs.

I got a big hug, a kiss, and was treated well later that night. And on top of all this I got to eat almost all of the candy. (I had eaten most of what was removed so that the money could be put in the box.)