Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping Gifts


submitted by: Kathleen Gay


romantic-gift-wrapping-present-dating-ideas-hot-dog-baseball-ticketsFor the enclosure of baseball tickets I had bought my husband, I cut out onions, tomatoes, pickles and even a stream of mustard out of construction paper along with some artistic markings with smelly markers. These were then attached to a long, LARGE balloon blown to its capacity giving the appearance of a huge hot dog.

This most intriguing hot dog was then carefully place inside industrial size brown plastic garbage bags which had been stuffed with newspaper to give the appearance of a most scrumptious bun. It was delivered to my husbands office door with a note that said, I love hot dogs, ball park hot dogs . . . let’s go enjoy a few.

p.s. As he slid the hot dog across the carpeted floor into his office there was a bang that many will never forget as the condiments lay on the remains of a burst balloon within stuffed garbage bags, revealing the ballpark tickets. Not quite what I planned but memories that we still laugh about to this day.