Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping Gifts


submitted by: Serena Abdelaziz


romantic-holiday-christmas-wrapping-big-present-date-ideasMy boyfriend, Josh (now my husband), lived in California while I lived in Arizona. We wrote many letters, emails, supported PacBell and visited as often as possible, but usually only for the weekend. One Christmas, I planned a surprise. I would come for a visit for three weeks so we could spend the holiday season together. I didn’t tell him I was coming.

I arranged everything with his family. They arranged for his best friend to pick me up at the airport on Christmas morning. Christmas morning, his parents faked a disagreement, then Josh and his father went to town on a last minute errand apparently “forgotten” until Christmas morning. While they were doing a series of pointless things in town, I arrived at his house, his sister helped wrap me up and I was placed under the tree.

Josh’s mother contacted┬áhis dad to let them know we were ready. Josh came home a little exasperated that the traditional Christmas morning had been a little ruined. Here it was nearing ten o’clock and they hadn’t eaten breakfast or opened presents.

“Let’s have devotions!” his mother said. All the family rushed into the living room to read the Bible and pray, something usually saved for later. Josh followed reluctantly – he was so hungry! And everyone was acting so strangely! After many minutes, Josh finally glanced over to the tree, only to see a BIG present.

“What’s that?” he asked curiously, then poked me in the head. All the time I am getting hot and tired of being wrapped up. Finally he read the tag, “To Josh, From Serena.” He tore the package open. I popped out, giving him a hug! The look on his face was priceless!

He proposed that New Year’s. What a wonderful season of romantic surprises!