Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Jennie


valentines hot tub disaster storyMy ex boyfriend and I were really tight up for cash one Valentines day. So he wanted to cook me a nice romantic candle lit dinner and then go to the movies. I was so excited.

I got dressed up really nicely and headed out to his house. It was snowing pretty badly out, and of course just my luck my car breaks down. I had to walk in the snow, so I ended up walking to his house. 

So I finally I arrive at his house late obviously drenched, hair, makeup, outfit, shoes ruined. So he went and got me dry clothes and we ate dinner. Then the worst part arrives. After our dinner and movie which went great (even though I was wearing guys clothes), we decide to slip into his hot tub. And when I say slip I mean SLIP!!

We have had a couple drinks by now, and we were ready to get it on any second. I get into the hot tub first. Then he goes to get in and slips — landing right onto his erect member. And…he split it wide open.

I rushed him to the hospital and we were there all night and all the next day. A Valentine’s Day I will never forget!!!