Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Heather


valentines day disastersI spent endless hours last year trying to put together the most special, wonderful, thoughtful present ever. I looked up different ways of saying I Love You and put them on heart shaped sugar cookies that I made.

I made homemade candies, fudge, and a poem. Then I wrote down 100 reasons why I loved him. I put them all in a beautiful box.

The evening he came over I had dinner made for us with sweet romantic music and candle light, then afterwards I presented him with the box of goodies. I also had chocolate covered fruit and I fed it to him.

I was waiting in anticipation for my gift, but didn’t want to say anything. After the night was over and I was walking him to his car he told me that he didn’t get me anything but that he had a dollar that he could give me all the while he was digging in his pocket to fish it out.

If that wasn’t bad enough he told me that he didn’t want the baskets… he would just eat the stuff inside and then give me the baskets back. He didn’t have any use for them. I was hurt, crushed, and very mad. I just smiled at him and told him that I didn’t want them back and that I’m sure he could find something to do with them.