Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: LaShawn


knocking on door valentines disastersFor one valentines day I decided to surprise my man with a Jacuzzi suite in one of Marriot hotels. So I booked the suite and got everything I would need: dinner, candles, alcohol (yes, I’ve been over 21 for some time now) – the works. This is the first time I had used this particular chain of hotels. I was told over the phone that I could do an early check in at 2pm instead of the normal 4pm check in. However when I got there at 2pm I was told that they weren’t allowing early check ins today, to come back at 4pm.

I was temporarily baffled, but I left and returned at 4pm when I was given the key to my Jacuzzi suite. When I opened the door and looked around I thought this is really cool! They had a single rose on top of the TV, two plastic champagne glasses on the table, and in the bathroom there were three candles lining the Jacuzzi bathtub. This was unexpected and helpful.

I went about hiding all the phones and remotes, setting up the CD player with my CD’s, setting and lighting my candles, little chocolate hearts on the bed and dinner cooked in the microwave.

When giving the place one last inspection to make sure everything was to my liking I noticed a beat up “boombox” under the desk and thought the maid forgot to take it with her, no big deal.

I left and picked up my boyfriend telling him we were going to a couples party that I just found out about that morning. So I played it off trying to remember the room number until I let us in. Needless to say he was surprised and I went and started our Jacuzzi complete with bubbles. 

While we were “relaxing” there was a knock at the door, then another. I got up and someone was trying to open the door! If I wouldn’t have used the chain they would have seen me shocked and naked in all my glory! I told them to hold on after they stated they were hotel staff and threw on some clothes.

When I looked out of peep hole I saw two women, one with a bag of groceries and two men as well as the lady from the front desk waiting not so patiently. When I finally opened the door one of the women stated that this was their room! How in the Heck?

It turns out that those champagne glasses were hers. The rose atop the TV, hers. The three candles that lined the Jacuzzi, hers. The beat up old radio, yep, that was hers too! So we had to allow these people to come in and collect their belongings, invading our private time (we have a child so we don’t get so much anymore).

Just when I thought that this chain was going to be my new choice of hotels, that they even took the time to mildly decorate the suite for the sake of they’re valentine lovers I find, as it turns out even though the hotel staff was not supposed to allow early check-ins for this day, someone at the front desk gave these couples their keys, they deposited a few belongings and left to go grocery shopping to make use of the little kitchenette.

Talk about privacy invasion!!! How would you like to be “doin’ it” and suddenly have hotel staff try to bust in on you because they screwed up. Then have to allow complete strangers to walk around picking over your things?

My Valentines Day 2004 was a complete and total disaster from the moment of that first knock on the door!  I’ve been waiting to get that off my chest for a while!