Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


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valentines disaster limoIt was the week before a valentine’s evening banquet. It was required that you dress up and bring a date – after all it was “Sadie’s Hawkins Year” and girls had to ask the guys. So I asked my favorite guy, the one I had been going out with for months.

I was so excited that he had said yes. I looked for the sexiest gown, but yet with good tastes. I found a black one in velvet skirting and silk bodice and attached a rose bow to the waistline. I had my hair and nails all done. Quite costly I might add.

Two hours before our date and I was picking him up in a limousine that I had rented. It was all planned, everything was in place. I decided to check my email before leaving. To my amazement was an email from my date, “sorry, other plans came up and I had to leave for Oklahoma City.” His friend Teresa had to go to a dog show and she needed him to watch her other animals.”

I was never so angry in all my life, I had never had this happen to me before. I remembered another male who I had I picked up on the road and he had given me his phone number.  So I called him up, he had said yes and I could pick him up no problem. He said he would be ready and put on his best outfit.

So I went to his house and to my amazement he came out in a pair of cut up blue jeans and a dirty, very filthy smelly shirt. The gracious host that I am, and not a person who backs out on anything, I went ahead with it.

So to make a long story short, the speaker talked about the beast and the princess, how our lives relate to that. Embarrassing I might add, but I tried to laugh about it all and act as though I was proud of who I am, until I went home and cried my eyes out.