Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


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man woman hands holding broken heartTwo years ago on Valentine’s Day my boyfriend I’d been dating for only six months had to work so I asked him if he wanted to go to lunch somewhere. He said he couldn’t because he had something to do.

So, I said OK because I figured he had to go somewhere to get my valentines gift or something like that. So I called him on his cell phone but he did not answer it, which was odd because he always had it with him and always answered it, especially during his lunch break.

So I went to my house and grabbed his Valentines gift and was going to go to his work and wait for him to get back from lunch and surprise him with it. Well, when I got there his truck was in the parking lot so I thought he was already back. So I went inside to talk to him but he was not there, so I figured he had gone with one of his friends which he often did.

So I was sitting in my car parked next to his truck waiting for him to get back. After a couple of minutes a white car pulled into the parking lot that looked like the car one of my female co-workers drove.

As it drove nearer it pulled up and I could see that he was in the passenger seat. I got out of my car and walked over to the vehicle. I was furious and so was she after we finally got everything out of him.

He was still trying to lie his way out of it even though we had caught him red handed. It turns he had been dating her for the last four of the six months that he had been dating me.

My co-worker and I were pretty good acquaintances at work only, but we never really discussed our personal life with each other so neither of us had any idea.

So from then on we agreed to at least introduce our boyfriends to each other so this would never happen again, at least with her and me. Needless to say we both returned the valentines gift we had got for him.