Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


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cheating guy valentines disaster storyI dated the same guy all through high school (I know big mistake… and of course it WAS a big mistake!)  Anyway, one day I got to my lunch table and there was a bouquet of flowers waiting for me.  The tag said “I know you have a boyfriend, but I just wanted to see you smile. From your secret admirer” Of course I was looking around the cafeteria grinning like a Cheshire cat trying to see if I could catch the culprit.

Later that day, my boyfriend found out about the flowers and decided that I must be cheating on him!  I finally convinced him that I wasn’t, but found out that he had to work on Valentine’s Day.

So my cousin and I went out for dinner on V-Day since she didn’t have a boyfriend and mine was busy.  When we got to the restaurant and were waiting to be seated, who walked through the door? Of course, my soon-to-be EX-boyfriend with his arm around another girl… pay back as he called it!

I was heart-broken at the time, but I still have the rose that was in that bouquet and the card that came with it. If it wasn’t for my “secret admirer” I may not have met the man I love so much today.  I told him that I had never had a good Valentine’s day and he has done everything he can to make it one of the most special days of the year for me. We are getting married in May… thanks (in part) to my secret admirer, whoever he was!