Valentine's Day Disasters

Valentine's Day Disasters


submitted by: Julie


valentines disaster star beachMy husband knew I liked the idea of laying on the beach and watching the stars so he planned a late night picnic on the beach to watch the stars.

He didn’t want any help, so he packed everything himself, and picked the place.  We got to the beach that was 20 minutes away and he started pulling out things.

He had forgotten a flashlight to walk down to the beach so we stumbled a bit to get here, the water had receded some and it was very bumpy to get to the waters edge.

He went to light the candle he brought but he forgot the matches. We laid the blanket down, and in doing so got sand in the basket, (and food that was in there). He had brought some fruit, and cheese and small meat plates, (now with sand added).

We decided to cuddle up and just enjoy some wine but he had forgotten a bottle opener, so we tried to dig the cork out with the cheese knife. We settled on having corky wine, and watching the stars for a while.