Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Leann


balloons valentines disasterLast year my best friend and I relabeled Valentine’s Day to Black Saturday. We’re barely even able to talk about it still. 

At the time she and I were dating best friends. We had only been dating a couple of months and were just starting to realize that their social drinking was actually a budding addiction.

For dinner the guys made reservations at a really nice restaurant.  I’m still thanking God that we had a really late reservation I think around 9pm.  They had waited to the last minute to make them and that was all that was available.  That was a blessing in disguise. By 9:00 there were few in the restaurant that would have to be tortured by such abominations as we were going to be subjected to.

Although our reservations were at 9 we arrived early and sat at the bar for cocktails hoping we might be seated earlier. We were all famished. Fortunately they didn’t seat us too soon. The restaurant was winding down by the time we were seated so we were given plenty of time to peruse the menu.

There were only two or three other couples sitting in close proximity which were trying to have a nice romantic evening dinner. Well apparently my boyfriend felt we weren’t being helped fast enough so he started making really loud derogatory comments about the service.  At one point he yelled at the top of his lungs “Where the bleep is our waitress”.  Needless to say it got everybody’s attention including the waitress that was standing within arms distance right behind us.

My friend and I were mortified. These two schmucks didn’t think a thing of it. They sat there looking at each other and giggling at their own lack of class. Oh, but it didn’t stop there.

At this point we should have ran like no other but we just slumped over in our booth and prayed for the behavior to cease and that nobody would recognize us. Soon after we ordered our appetizers arrived and our dinner salads. At this point the profanity and derogatory remarks were nothing. Now they decided they wanted to feed us – with their hands! That works for some things and it might even be cute in the right circumstance but feeding us salad with their bare hands in a fine restaurant and shoving it all over your face when your refusing it was less than appropriate.

By now the people around us were fidgeting not knowing what to do or think and the waitresses felt so bad for us they were just trying to get us out of their as quickly as possible.

By the end of the night my boyfriend thinking he’s being romantic went around the entire restaurant and gathered up all their balloons to give to me. I insisted that it was a sweet gesture but their was no way we could take them home with us. There was four of us and we were driving a pickup truck. He didn’t care he insisted we bring them home.

On the way out the door the waitress whispered to me “Its ok honey, I’ve been there too, I hate Valentine’s Day too”  All I could do was smile back at her and shake my head in agreement.

Well there was no arguing with him so the four of us piled into my boyfriends truck and I proceeded to try and shove these balloons in on top of us all. I managed to get all of us and the balloons in the truck but I made it very clear that the two clowns in the back seat were to behave and keep the balloons out of my face so I could drive without killing us all.

We were about 20 miles from home and I somehow new it would be a disaster before we got home. I’m not a mom but this night I sure felt like one. About half way home I heard a balloon pop and then giggling. The two in the back were buried so far in balloons I couldn’t see them but I knew which one had done it by the giggling.

This upset the other one who then got mad at him for popping a balloon and the two proceed to fight like kids in the back seat over the balloons. Of course since they couldn’t see each other through the balloons all you could see was rustling balloons and hear more profanity at each other. We were so appalled we nearly left the two on the side of the road.

We finally made it home and I dropped my best friend and her date off at her house.  I took my date home and put him and the balloons to rest. My best friend decided to go out with some friends she knew wouldn’t embarrass her and hopefully make up for the events prior. However much to her surprise her date wasn’t going to be shook loose. She ended up having to take him with her and he proceeded to continue to embarrass her in front of her other friends who eventually decided to buy him a cab home just to get rid of him for her.

To this day my friend and I have sworn off Black Saturday and refuse to talk about it. Never have I been so mortified in my life. I’m 29 and my date was 36. I never imagined someone his age could be capable of acting like a five year old. Boy was I wrong. Needless to say none of us are still dating and I’m still too embarrassed to ever set foot in that restaurant again.