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My boyfriend and I lived in separate cities last year because of college, so our Valentine’s Day was going to have to be by mail.  I wanted to do something special to let him know I loved him and was thinking about him constantly even though we were apart.

I went to the craft store and bought four pieces of marbled tag board and a pack of small cards (for the envelopes).  I then went home and cut each sheet of tag board into four pieces.  I went through my personal journal where I keep quotes that mean a lot with me and picked out fourteen that reflected some part of our relationship.

After several practices, I calligraphied one quote on the front of each of fourteen of the tag board pieces.  On the back, I wrote my sweetheart a long love note, explaining why I had chosen the quote and detailing reasons he was so special to me.

I sent the cards so that one would arrive each day of February leading up until Valentine’s Day.  I had to time it so that three would arrive on Friday (the mail room was closed all weekend) and gave him instructions not to open them until the appointed day.

I sent the last card in a box I filled with candy whose names described us or him.  There was a “Big Hunk” and a box of “Nerds” (we’re both engineering majors), and of course the entire box was filled with Hershey’s “Hugs” and “Kisses.”

He was so excited when he started getting the notes, mail is a much bigger deal when you’re at college, and it took him until Valentine’s Day to realize it was all a part of his present.  He still reminds me of this gift and tells me how sweet it was.