Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Michelle J. Yep-Martin


valentines gifts fighter jet dog fightMy husband has always wanted to be a fighter pilot since he was just a little boy, but decided against it because he did not want to travel as much as was required.  In making the decision to be a family man, he gave up some of the excitement and adrenalin he had hoped for in a career.  For Valentines Day in 2001, I flew my husband to Las Vegas (where he had never been!), and we spent four days there exploring the city.  He tried Krispy Kreme for the first time, and we purchased all the items needed for an at home massage.

On the second day there, I took him to Air Combat USA, which is a company that allows civilians to be pilots in a fighter plane for a day.  He spent the day there, taking lessons and learning basic skills for flying the plane. In the morning, he had a brief flight that allowed him to get the feel of the aircraft. In the afternoon, he was taken up and allowed not only to fly the plane, but “dogfight” with another pilot, complete with smoke and flashing lights. They videotaped the whole thing, and he was very proud of himself for not throwing up!  When he landed that evening, we went out for a romantic dinner where I presented him with a flight suit commemorating his time as a pilot.  We then went back to our hotel, where I used the massage items to rub the soreness of being at 4G’s out of his shoulders and back.

He was very surprised, and was able to fulfill a dream that Valentines Day!  Ever since then, our Valentines Days have been less about chocolates and roses and more about helping our partner find creative ways to reach their goals.