Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


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kissing frog valentines gift ideasThe most creative Valentine’s day gift I have ever received was from my husband, when we were still dating. We met shortly after high school, dated a year, then he left on a church mission and I went away to college.

We wrote each other every week and were still good friends. He knew I dated a few people at school and was a little bothered by that. The Valentine’s day after we had been apart about a year and a half, he sent me the best package.

I had no idea he could be so creative. Inside were items that were meant to scare off other guys. He sent me a razor that he had super glued the blades, so I would have hairy legs. A brush that he had plucked all the bristles out of, so I would have messy hair. Mouth wash that he had replaced with garlic water. An empty deodorant container. Some empty make up containers. And a toy frog to kiss so I would get warts.

I was so amazed that he took the time to think of something so clever. I just loved it. It meant so much to me that he missed me that much. It must have worked because now we’ve been married seven wonderful years!