Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Calli


heart carved valentinesLast year for Valentine’s Day, I had zero ideas of what to do for it. So just for the heck of it, I suggested to my boyfriend that we “make the presents”.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, he loved the idea. So while I struggled to think of something, anything, to make, he came up with the most thoughtful gift I have ever gotten from him (in 4 1/2 years).

He made me a heart-shaped box out of cedar wood with a matching fitting lid. (Apparently shaping wood is really hard to do, and he did it with a chainsaw.) On the top of the box it has a heart carved into it with the words Mitch loves Calli. It was so romantic!

Now I keep little treasures from him and from things we do together in the box. I have it on my dresser to remind me every day how much he loves me.