Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Alicia

valentines ribbonMy boyfriend and I work and live about an hour apart so we exchange texts, emails, and talk on the phone.

For valentines day this year, I found an antique postcard at a flea market…on the front it says “to my valentine”, and there is a bouquet of lilacs tied with a lavender ribbon.  It is postmarked February 13, 1908,  Derby CT, and has the coolest old 1 cent stamp.

I plan to have it delivered to his office that Monday morning, with a note that says:“whenever a lavender ribbon you see, please remember how much I love thee”.  

On Sunday, the evening before Valentine’s Day, I have 65 giant bows that I made from gross grain ribbon and floral wire that I plan to fasten to the sign pole on every stop sign, speed limit sign, fence post, bridge abutment and street sign between his home and his office! I know he’ll see them on his way in, and be curious… he’s very perceptive!

I love surprising him with silly little public displays of affection like that. I can’t wait! I’m sure we’ll have great fun taking them down together too…