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Last year, after reading Dr. Laura’s book, The
Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, I wanted to
do something special for my husband for
valentine’s day,… something completely
uncharacteristic and exciting – a surprise
rendezvous.Disappointed that all the hotels were booked for
valentine’s weekend, I decided to reserve the
following weekend instead.  I took Friday off
from work in order to do all the preparations,
booked a suite (with a Jacuzzi) near his office
and arranged for family to watch our three

That morning after he left for work, I packed our
bags and did some shopping.  After finding a
sentimental card, I added a handwritten love note
inside and picked up some treats: a bottle of
wine, some chocolates, special valentine’s day
ice cream, some romantic music, a CD player, and
some games.

Once I checked into the hotel and everything was
in place my little surprise, I phoned him at the
office by mid afternoon and learned he was
getting ready to leave the office… (that was a
close one!)  I let him know I was in town and
wanted to meet him for a drink after work,
something we’ve never done in the three years
he’s worked at this office, 30 minutes from our

After a few drinks and lots of laughs and
flirting that quickly took me back to our dating
days, I gave him the card.  He was surprised to
find the hotel key card, drink and breakfast
coupons tucked away inside!

And to think, I had worried he’d be upset about
it, but never once did he ask about cost or
express any grief about it. My plan brought us
closer together and our relationship has been
more exciting ever since…  By the way, our son
arrived in late October 🙂

We’re planning more weekend getaways and
spontaneous fun as a February tradition.