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submitted by: Anonymous

The most romantic gift I ever received was for Valentines day last year. I had been dating this guy for about 4 months and we had gotten to the ‘I love yous’ and I was head over heels for him but I wasn’t sure if he felt the same.He told me that he wanted to take me out to dinner one night. It was two days before the big day so I wasn’t really expecting anything. He took me to my favorite restaurant and we began to order. Soon after we ordered he said he had to go to the bathroom.A few minutes after he came back our waitress came over with a dozen roses and set them on our table and told me it was from a secret admirer. I was extremely embarrassed but also thought it was unbelievably romantic. He told me to look closely at the roses. Each flower had an envelope attached to it. Each envelope was as follows:

1. The first day I met you I could tell by you’re¬†eyes I would fall in love with you
2. Every tear you cry rips out a piece of my heart
3. Whenever we kiss I can’t seem to concentrate for at least 10 minutes afterward
4. Your smile is amazing, It lights up the world
5. When I touch any part of your body I am filled with more passion than I could ever imagine
6. Only you can cheer me up on a bad day
7. You are so beautiful, I feel on top of the world whenever people see us together
8. You are so considerate and selfless. It is unbelievable to see how big of a heart you have
9. If I were lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with you, I wouldn’t need anything else
10. I can’t believe someone like you actually wants to be with me
11. I can’t keep my mind off of you for a second
12. I love you, and I always will… You are my reason to wake up in the morning

Two years and a marriage later, I can’t believe I ever was unsure of his love for me.